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The Lay Community Ministry of Harriet Tubman

Book me to serve your faith community by providing a compelling sermon to your congregation. You can also choose to book me for a spiritual enrichment residency to cover 2 or more Sundays in a row.  


Last year I visited congregations with my Change As A Spiritual Practice: The Transformation of our Principles sermon. In 2022 I went on tour with my my award-winning sermon, Unopened Gifts: The Call to Live into Your Calling.


Are you already planning for 2024?  Great! Booking is open for my Black Moses tour.  Click HERE for the description.

 All offerings are available in-person, virtual, or for a reduced fee pre-recorded.

In person offerings include a transportation fee and a separate daily ‘in town’ fee.

  • A Full Worship Service

  • Adult Faith Development Classes

  • Sunstone Chapel in Residence (sabbatical/vacation coverage)

  • Inclusive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Staff/Volunteers)


2024 Black Moses
Tour Offerings

Church Candles
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"What a beautiful reflection on how joy and grief and love intertwine. Thank you, Ebony."


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(per 12 month period or fiscal year)


One Worship Service*

Two Worship Services

Three Worship Services

Four Worship Services


By choosing the Four Worship Services Package you will receive a 15% discount equal to $60 per sermon .

5% to 15% OFF





Daily Lodging + Meals Fee


Flights Fee


Daily In-Town Fee


Full Tour

* Pre-recorded worship services are available for $275. There is no bulk discount for pre-recorded worship services.  Learn more HERE.

*Two live services back-to-back, $550.

The ”in town” fee only applies when night lodging & meals are necessitated due to travel distance and/or flights. The transportation fee for in person offerings activates when a travel distance is greater than 15 miles from White Oak, Maryland. The transportation fee is 58.5 cents per mile.

For example, if no night lodging is required, an in-person offering 31 miles away would have a transportation fee of 58.5 cents per mile for a total of $18.14. An in-person offering 15 miles or less would not have a transportation fee.

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Hire Sunstone Chapel to serve your community for a month at a time.

At Sunstone Chapel, my theme is always Beloved Community. I have a network of distinguished liberal faith leaders I collaborate with to ensure your pulpit and community enrichment is covered during the residency. Sunstone Chapel in Residence brings diverse, new voices not just to your pulpit - but to other areas of your congregation for a deeper and longer-lasting impact.

A Sunstone Chapel in Residency is a powerful spiritual enrichment opportunity for your community. Sunstone Chapel in Residence can cover every single Sunday worship service a month, including long months with 5 Sundays, freeing your leadership to confidently focus on other pressing matters.

In person offerings include a transportation fee and a separate daily ‘in town’ fee.

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Diverse Perspective:

The absence of a minister or other worship leader is a great opportunity for the presence of spiritual leadership from a diverse perspective. Let your faith community be immersed in worship services  that help exercise their spiritual muscle in what it means to be welcoming, inclusive, and multicentric.

Celebrating + Uplifting BIPOC:

This type of immersion can also be heartfelt for the marginalized groups within your congregation. Your BIPOC members will have the opportunity to experience their faith community decenter whiteness and the status quo to embody multicentric spirituality during the residency. Racism, lack of belonging, and responding to inequities and other oppressions takes a toll on the health and well-being of those impacted. Black and brown people are disproportionately impacted. Bringing Sunstone Chapel in Residence to your faith community can help alleviate some of the fatigue and demonstrate your support of Beloved Community.


Sunstone Chapel in Residence does not “take over the steering wheel” in absence of your minister or community leader. We let the steering wheel go, get out of the car, and invite your community to walk with us into a deeply felt spiritual journey.

Pastoral Care:

Will your faith community need pastoral care services during our time together? If you don’t already have a pastoral care point person in your back pocket, I am happy to recommend one of my distinguished colleagues in my network to your congregation as a spiritual caregiver during the residency. The spiritual caregiver provides on-call emotional and spiritual support during their sacred ministry of presence. At your convenience, this person may also be available for rites of passage and other transitions as needed.

Virtual Accessibility:

Though my colleagues and I are happy to travel, Sunstone Chapel in Residence is a better fit for communities who are comfortable with or prefer virtual residency, otherwise it may be cost prohibitive if significant travel is required.

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3 Worship Services


4 Worship Services



If this were in person and required travel, add travel fee which includes a transportation fee of at least $500 for each flight, $275 per night lodging & meals  and a separate daily ‘in town’ fee o f $375  on top of the investment for the residency. The "in town” fee only applies when night lodging & meals are necessitated due to travel distance and/or flights. 

Residency or the residency can be 100% virtual or hybrid.

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Need a theme speaker  for your event or retreat?

Signature Theme Talks and Keynotes

I speak on my specialty areas of (1) workplace justice  (2) liberal sexuality education, and (3) leadership development. I am trained as both an Adult Our Whole Lives (OWL) and SACReD Curriculum on Reproductive Dignity facilitator.


For years I've been grateful for the many opportunities to develop, facilitate and teach in various spaces such as congregations, nonprofits, institutions of higher education, professional conferences, and the federal government. 

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Launching in 2024 -  Are you ready to satisfy compliance requirements, mitigate risk, and nurture a healthier workplace with inclusive, values-based training?


Ready to put your values into action with training that lifts the wide spectrum of diversity into its scenarios and best practices? The wait is almost over!

My Unique Curriculum

Unlike many sexual harassment trainings available, my curriculum includes examples and guidance that lifts up the wide spectrum of diversity into its scenarios and best practices.

This includes but isn’t limited to gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodivergence, ethnicity, lifestyle, and those living with disabilities. Representation matters. Live, inclusive sexual harassment prevention training can be more meaningful and effective than generic, click-button, self-paced online experiences.

This is not a curriculum for those who just want to “check the box”. This is for organizations who also want to strengthen their workplace culture  by choosing training in alignment with their progressive values. Creating systems of accountability while emphasizing culture change and bystander intervention is a priority.

Historically, efforts aimed at creating belonging and fostering inclusion have been hindered by structural oppression. Structural oppression is often tightly woven into an organizations policy, systems, practices, vendors, and even training programs.

Inclusive training such as this, contributes to alleviating structural oppression. It’s created to be  deliberately inclusive while mitigating stereotypes often seen in most off the shelf (self-paced and generic trainings). It’s also live, instructor based, and designed to be both engaging and educational.

Who Should Attend?

Employees, supervisors, volunteers, and members of progressive faith-based and inclusive social justice organizations.

I would like inclusive sexual harassment training for my employees, but I'm not a faith based or social justice organization. Can you still help me?

Yes! however, instead of attending the open enrollment training, schedule a chat with me so we can set up a customized training just for your folks.


Why should I attend?

Is diversity and equity a part of your strategic plan or values? By choosing this inclusive training for your organization, you are moving forward with your goals of operationalizing your deeply held values and beliefs. Additionally, many state courts consider sexual harassment prevention training as essential, even if not required. This training is recommended for organizations seeking to be proactive in mitigating their legal risk.  Ensure your staff, members, and volunteers serve in a supportive environment where sexual harassment and similar inappropriate behavior are not tolerated.


How long is it?

Two to three hours.

What is the class size?

Maximum is 25 per training session.


How much does it cost?

$185 per person. A 10% discount will be applied for groups of 10 or more. The inaugural class in February 2024 is only $90 (over 50% off).  The Group discount is not applicable to the February class.

When is the next class?

 The inaugural class is schedule for Monday February 19th, Noon EST on President's Day.

Does this training meet state requirements and EEO recommendations?

Yes. You will also receive a certificate of completion. My curriculum is compliant in all 50 states including the specific state requirements of California, Connecticut, Washington DC. Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York. This is ideal for organizations who have employees who travel or work in multiple states. This program focuses on preventing sexual harassment and other unlawful harassment in the workplace.

Which states or cities require sexual harassment prevention training?

New York City, Chicago, New York, Delaware, California, Illinois, and Maine.


Do I need this training if my state does not require it?

Even if your state doesn’t require such training, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and numerous Court Rulings make clear that employers who provide such training are better equipped to mitigate legal risk and potential impact to their reputations. Federal court decisions have shown that employers who do not train all employees may lose their ability to avoid punitive damages in a harassment lawsuit (Kolstad v. American Dental Association).


Will I received a certificate of completion?

Yes. Each participate will receive an electronic certificate of completion through email. Failure to attend the entire training may result in your not receiving a certificate of completion.

I am ready to register! What are my next steps?

Are you ready for sexual harassment prevention training specifically for employees in progressive, inclusive organizations? Submit your registration request by clicking HERE.


Once your request to register has been received, you will be asked to specify if you are a staff member, volunteer, or member and which organization you are from. Once approved, a payment link will be sent to you shortly thereafter. Once payment is received, you will be emailed confirmation that includes the zoom link.


How do I register a group?

Email me the names, emails, and organization of your group member and I will provide you with a unique payment link where you can you pay once without manually registering every group member.

What is your cancellation and transfer policy?

Registrants will have until 5 full days prior to training start date to request a refund by email. (Example, if training is February 19th, then refunds are approved until February 13th). Registrants who do not attend all or some of the training will not qualify for a refund. Registrants may transfer their registration to someone else or hold the paid credit for a future session, once. If training is cancelled for any reason, you will have the option to receive a full refund or transfer to the next offering.

May I stream the training or share the zoom link?

Each registration is for a single user only. Reproduction or streaming of any content without Sunstone Chapel’s permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you!

Can I bring this to my organization?

Sunstone Chapel can bring this virtually to your organization for groups of 26-150 participants per session. With this service, your offering can be customized to include your organizations policies and relevant information. Reach out to discuss special pricing for your organization. In person offerings are not available at this time.

Submit your registration request by clicking ➡️ HERE. 

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Inclusive Sexual Harassment Training; per person open enrollment


Inclusive Sexual Harassment Training; per person open enrollment (Group Rate)


Starting price for Specialty Theme Talk (per 20 minutes)

In person offerings include a transportation fee of at least $500 (flights), $275 per night lodging & meals, and a separate daily ‘in town’ fee of $375. The "in town” fee only applies when night lodging & meals are necessitated due to travel distance and/or flights. 

The transportation fee for in person offerings activates when a travel distance is greater than 15 miles from White Oak, Maryland. The transportation fee is 58.5 cents per mile. For example, if no night lodging is required, an in-person offering 31 miles away would have a transportation fee of 58.5 cents per mile for a total of $18.14. An in-person offering 15 miles or less would not have a transportation fee.

"Your contributions, including your Kwanzaa collaboration with Black Souls, were greatly appreciated. Your sermons, especially the one you gave on Mother’s Day, were awesome. I will listen to them again and share them. I hope your time with us was as much of a blessing to you as it was to us, and look forward to seeing your light shine brighter in more places. We will miss you Many Thanks."


Black Men’s Group, All Souls Unitarian

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Join me and like-hearted others for a virtual gathering over a meal.

We come together for informal spiritual nourishment, learning, reflection, and mutual support to sustain us as we labor forward towards a more just and peaceful world.

Bring your authentic self and your dinner or favorite beverage to your computer or mobile device. We will take in thought provoking  topics intertwined with a brief spiritual message, and group discussions in a supportive atmosphere as we hold space for personal growth. This includes time to reflect on our joys, struggles, and aspirations into what we are called to do and be.


These  occasional virtual dinner chapels are informal and open to all seeking space for deep connection with others. Topics vary and the themes rotate between adult sexuality and personal leadership . Join my email list to get notified of our next Dinner Chapel.

Currently, Dinner Chapel topics center on two rotating themes of “Holistic Sexuality Self-Care” and “Faith-grounded Leadership”.

Holistic Sexuality Self-Care: Through my Clear Authentic Truth (CAT) theme, participants deepen their understanding of sexuality from a progressive, faith-based perspective. CAT is about reflecting on our journey towards clear, authentic, meaning-making around our truths about sexuality from a socio-spiritual perspective.


This topic supports us in making informed and responsible decisions about sexual health and behavior while centering love, justice, and self-knowledge. CAT is adapted from the Our Whole Lives (OWL) Curriculum to be exclusively virtual with culturally relevant adjustments for inclusiveness.

Faith-grounded Leadership: The Leadership for Liberation (LFL) theme is adult spiritual deepening through the exploration and reflection on anti-oppression, liberation, and the sacred through the lens of servant leadership. We need leaders at all levels, job titles, roles, and backgrounds.


When focusing on this theme, we will reflect on how to  move beyond tasks to develop our leadership skills and support the growth of other leaders in their communities.


Leadership for Liberation is a multi-centric, inclusive exploration of intersectionality, social action, and servant leadership.


Through reflecting on various topics and cultivating inclusiveness, we embrace sexuality self-care and leadership as spiritual practices.

Though Dinner Chapel is free, all are welcome to offer a financial gift if you're so moved. Dinner Chapel is supported by both your financial gifts and your referrals. Referrals are appreciated! Please refer Sunstone Chapel  as a resource If you know someone who would benefit from attending Dinner Chapel, please invite them by offering a link to this webpage. Please share Dinner Chapel in your community newsletter as a resource. Don’t keep Dinner Chapel a secret!

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