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Rest in Power, Bishop Carlton D. Pearson

Bishop Carlton D Pearson. What can I say? I will say that I first learned about him while virtually attending the All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa. He was an Affiliate Minister there. One day, it was his day to preach, and I was blown away. Who in the world was this guy?!

After I stopped regularly attending their virtual services, I still went to their YouTube channel to watch recordings when Bishop Carlton D. Pearson was preaching. I became a fan and a follower, joining his email list and the Facebook page of his ministry.

He would regularly stream live on Facebook and share his wisdom and perspective on the holy in some of the deepest, most thought-provoking ways I’ve ever experienced. His teachings continued to have a profoundly impact on my own ministry as deepened my own spiritual grounding as a lay community minister.

As he took ill, he continued to preach and share with us literally from his bed at home. He told us he was at peace with his situation. He talked about life, death, love, and critical thinking.

His death comes at no surprise to those of us who watched it unfold week by week for the past few months.

I feel loss, but my appreciation of his ministry is more deeply felt. I feel sad, but my joy in how his ministry touched my life is something I will always have.

Rest in Power, Bishop Carlton D. Pearson. You will be forever loved. Your impact continues on.


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