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When Life's Journey Ends, The Farewell Matters

As a Lay Community Minister, I've often been asked about my role in life's significant moments. While I may not officiate weddings a this time, I find a profound calling in guiding families through the delicate process of funerals and celebrations of life - especially for our beloved animal companions.

In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we honor the interfaith and inclusive spirit that embraces all forms of life and love. Whether it's delivering a sermon that resonates with diverse beliefs or providing sexual harassment training to create safer spaces, inclusion is at the heart of what I do.

If you or your furry, winged, scaled, or floofy family member is nearing the end or has passed, know that I am here to hold space for you. I offer in-person and Zoom services to help you honor and celebrate the life that was lived, with empathy and sincerity.

Let's create a farewell that reflects the love and memories shared. I'm here for you.

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