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Workplace Harmony Starts with Awareness

As a faith-based practitioner, I've learned that the foundation of any thriving community—be it spiritual or professional—rests on the bedrock of respect and understanding. Today, I want to share a milestone that's close to my heart. 🎉


Sunstone Chapel is developing a comprehensive sexual harassment training, a step that's not just about legal compliance—it's about nurturing a culture of empathy and safety. 🤝


Sexual harassment is more than unwelcome advances; it's any behavior that creates an environment of intimidation or hostility. It's the antithesis of the inclusive values we cherish in our welcoming daily interactions.


After attending the training, you’ll see transformation. Your staff and volunteers will be more engaged with a stronger sense of solidarity in your mission. Don’t just avoid legal pitfalls; build a sanctuary of support and respect. 🕊️


This proactive approach can mitigate challenges that drain your morale and pull energy away from your mission and goals. Uncomfortable misunderstandings or disrespectful situations can be healed. We're not just teaching inclusion and prevention; we're living it.


If you're on a journey where you’re looking for more meaningful, inclusive training for your employees to engage in – that’s still legally compliant -  I'd love to hear you.

Let’s schedule a chat to discuss how a live, virtual inclusive sexual harassment training may benefit your congregation or faith-based community.


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